Japan flower online delivery-flowers, roses, bouquets, arrangements,gifts, Wedding, Gourmet basket
おはなやさん 切り花専門店 -花束、アレンジ、フラワーアレンジ教室、全国発送、東京、三鷹
Online flower shop in Japana



Question1: What is the earliest that my orders can be delivered in Japan ?

flower boxA;Next day shipping at the earliest. We can't deliver same day.

Our flowers would be delivered using Next Day Delivery Service "Kuroneko -yamato Express" all over Japan.The courier deliver the package without delay. All flowers are send in the box.

If we send off flowers on Monday, it would be delivered on Tuesday .Not Monday. (This is usual in Japan.)

You can select the time period in which you would like the package to be delivered. Should the receiver not be at home, upon request from the receiver, the package can be redelivered.

*Please note leaving item on the receiver's doorstep is forbidden under the Fire Defense Law in Japan.

Question2: What to do if I want specific flowers?

A; Please order the product that nearest matches your choice and put the specific requirements .I wish could help you.

For. example, if you want a bouquet of only of red & yellow mixed flowers, choose the Fresh Seasonal Bouquet product and the write in the special instructions "Only Red & Yellow flowers please".

Please send us your order by mail 3~2 days before you want the flowers delivered. After we confirmed your order, we would get fresh flowers from market and send them to recipients.

Note:There are no sunflowers in winter. There are no turips in summer. Lillies are very expensive in Japan.This is normal.

Question3: how should I make the payment?

A: We accept PayPal payment only
*No PayPal Account Required
- All major credit/debit cards accepted.
: Master,Visa, American Express , etc.

Question4; I am afraid she may go out . How do I know if my bouquet was received?

A; If she isn't at home,I'll put the notice a piece of paper in the mailbox. She calls me,I'll bring your gift at any time she likes. We can bring as many times as we can. We will send a confirmation e-mail when the flowers were delivered.

NOTE: Incomplete address, phone numbers, information of sender and receiver may delay the delivery. Please make sure recipients' information.

By influence of snow, typhoon, earthquick, traffic etc, sometimes flowers might be late.

From 1st June ,2023, if you request a change of delivery address due to unknown address or moving, all freight charges will be cash on delivery.
The consignee will be responsible for the cost. Thank you for your understanding.
Please make sure the address is correct.
Please check before sending the order

Question5; I wish to cancel my order. What must I do?

A;If you would like to cancel your order you must notify us as soon as you possibly can and not later than 36 hours in advance of the delivery date.

Cancellations made after this time may incur charges up to the value of your order.

Questin6; I'd like to return this. A;All sales are final unless products are defective.
Normally we don't accept returned goods because they are fresh flowers. 
But if any problems occur, ask as soon as possible.

If the recipient refuses to accept a delivery, you may be held fully liable for the cost of the gift.

Question7; As her birthday falls on Sunday, will it be possible to deliver them on Sunday?

A; Yes ,we deliver it on Sunday.

Appointment necessary

Question8; Can I order the flowers from now on even though there are still 20 day left? A; Definitely yes. We are so glad to have the order earier.
Question9;Can you enclose a card from my name and my letter? A; Of course yes. We would like you to e-mail the message for her with your order.
When we get your messege,
we print it out to a message card.

*Please note leaving item on the receiver?fs doorstep is forbidden under the Fire Defense Law in Japan.

Question10;Can you deliver to camp of military base in Okinawa? A: Unfortunately, NO deliveries can be made to campgrounds, military bases, boats, sea ports or airports.
Question 11; I want to send wine to girlfriend,Do you have alcohol? A; No, i cannnot accept alcohol now.
Address: 3-13-6, Nozaki, Mitaka-shi, Tokyo, Japan /Postcode: 181-0014
Telephone & FAX: 0422-34-5128 
E-mail: k_kiyosi@kxa.biglobe.ne.jp
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おはなやさん 切り花専門店 -花束、アレンジ、フラワーアレンジ教室、全国発送、東京、三鷹
Japan flower online delivery-flowers, roses, bouquets, arrangements,gifts, Wedding, Gourmet basket