Japan flower online delivery-flowers, roses, bouquets, arrangements,gifts, Wedding, Gourmet basket
おはなやさん 切り花専門店 -花束、アレンジ、ブーケ、ウエディング、フラワーアレンジ教室、全国発送、東京、三鷹
Online flower shop in Japan




The flowers and colors may vary according with seasons.

mix bouquetEN0:MIX=4,500~10000JPY


This is a vivid and gorgeous bouquet

red and pink

EN8:RED and pink =4,500~10000JPY


They are red and pink bouquet. This pretty pink and red design is simply irresistible! Send fresh flowers and make their celebration extra special.

pink bouquetEN2:PINK =4,500~10000JPY


They are pink gradation bouquet Like a prelude to a kiss, this bouquet will make the moment ever more sacred and lasting.

yellow  bouquetEN3:YELLOW~ORANGE


This bouquet is full of happiness and energy with the power to brighten up any day!


pale bouquetEN4:PALE=4,500~10000JPY

They are light collor bouquet.


blue bouquetEN5:BLUE= 4,500~10000JPY


The color purple and blue has long been associated with royalty and magic, with a richness unmatched by any other hue in the rainbow. Whoever you'd like to honor, this majestic display of bold purple and blue blossoms will add a touch of beauty to their day.

EN6:yellow = 4,500~10000JPY

This bright yellow arrangement is like a ray of sunshine. It''s sure to add warmth to anyone''s day.


white bouquetEN7:WHITE = 4,500~10000JPY

Express your feelings and send this overwhelming bouquet of white flowers today!


暖色系花束EN9:warm color=



red , orange , pink

暖色系花束EN10: pink and blue=



petit bouquetENP:PETIT BOUQUET=4200JPY

(flowers in season)

Sent your care for the dearly friend.

In summer , June to September, we use to deliver flowers by refrigerator car.
Because it is a day of real summer heat with temperatures exceeding 30 degrees.There is a size limit for delivery. Therefore , I cannot make  big size arrangement and bouquet than 10000JPY .
We hope you understand about this.

Address: 3-13-6, Nozaki, Mitaka-shi, Tokyo, Japan /Postcode: 181-0014
Telephone & FAX: 0422-34-5128 
E-mail: k_kiyosi@kxa.biglobe.ne.jp
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おはなやさん 切り花専門店 -花束、アレンジ、ブーケ、ウエディング、フラワーアレンジ教室、全国発送、東京、三鷹
Japan flower online delivery-flowers, roses, bouquets, arrangements,gifts, Wedding, Gourmet basket